Sunday, April 22, 2012


The first time off the dock for the year is a milestone. The boat, which for months has been nothing but a small teak-lined apartment with funny-shaped rooms, finally comes alive, becomes a magic carpet that can carry us almost literally anywhere. Its a milestone for us too. We feel like the fetters have been removed; we are free again.

We are having a stretch of unseasonably warm weather here in Seattle - its even considerably above "normal" (a rare occurrence here in Woebegone). When we looked at the forecast, we dropped everything, changed our plans mid-stream and made ready to cast off. Freedom!

But there was a hitch. Jane knowingly suggested that we check to see if the anchor windlass still worked after 6 (?) months of neglect. Good thing she did.

It turned out that the relay inside the windlass had failed. It cost us two hours, and several cuts on my fingers, to install the spare relay.

Nevertheless, here we are, at anchor in Port Madison, free.

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