Thursday, August 27, 2009

Message in a Bottle: A Dilemma For Me

While walking the beach on Camano Island yesterday evening, I found my very first message in a bottle! The message wasn't much - just a brief comment in feminine handwriting looking for love, and a phone number. I'm not looking for love, so I guess this was a wrong number. I haven't called the phone number yet - I'm trying to decide if I should offer to throw the bottle in again since I was not the intended recipient. What would you do?

Message to bottle messengers: Please people, when you make one of these very old-fashioned tweets, PLEASE put a date on it, and the location where you cast the bottle adrift!

At least I can now hold my head up when I am with the crew of Ghost - they've all found a message in a bottle.


The Ames Family said...

Wow! That is so cool!! You should definitely throw it back in :)

Erick said...

"old fashioned tweets"


Jared and Beka said...

throw it back in! maybe you should add another message with the date/location you sent it back.

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