Friday, May 20, 2011

It works!

In a recent SmallBoatProjects post, the suggestion was made to use a ceramic tile as a means of evening out the heat in a boat oven.

Our oven is like everyone else's - it heats unevenly.  So we took the suggestion and stopped at a home improvement store and picked up a single 12"x12" ceramic tile (cost: $0.94) and clipped it to the oven shelf with binder clips.

Yup, it works!  Look at that luscious corn bread I baked this morning!  It came out just like it does in a household oven.

Go get yourself a tile.


Scott said...

Hey, and it comes out pre-cut!

I enjoy your blog, Bob!

bob said...

Scott -

I confess that I was amazed when I measured the oven and found that a 12x12 square would fit perfectly.

And thanks for the kind words!


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