Friday, May 1, 2009

What a great place to live!

So, Friday was a great rush. I spent the greater part of the day reassembling the various components and hardware back onto the new bowsprit. It was a rush, because the plan was to transport the bowsprit back to the dock, to get ready to install it tomorrow.

Now this is what I mean by a great place to live... On the hiway back to the marina, we got an unexpected call from the men on the dock - they were waiting for us to arrive, and were preparing to help us get the bowsprit down the dock! And its a good thing they did - it was low tide, and without help we would never have gotten it down the ramp onto the dock. (Thanks Curtis, Scott and Shoeb!)

Then, since it was really a summer day, a dock party happened (are you picking up a pattern yet?). We had nothing to contribute, having been entirely focused on the bowsprit, but that didn't matter.

The evening culminated in a joint dinghy ride out past the breakwater to enjoy the sunset. We terrorized the marina with 4 dinghies tied abreast - we were in the middle of the raftup, and our mighty 2 hp motor made its puny contribution. When we got past the breakwater, we laid out there enjoying the sunset off Golden Gardens park, running a progressive story which included the 3 gradeschool kids as primary participants. Yes, of course there was wine.

Tomorrow: the installation.

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