Thursday, August 9, 2012

A certain intimacy

At anchor in Roche Hrbr

Last nite we had the distinct pleasure of being invited aboard s/v Nevada Faye for dinner.

Helmet and Dominic were most gracious hosts, and the dinner was a wonderful repast. But, while sitting and talking in the after-dinner glow, I was struck by the special closeness, and yes, intimacy born of the shared experience. The shared dining experience, yes of course. But also the shared experiences that we both had in getting our boats to the same anchorage.

It is quite different than the feeling one gets when visiting another house. Different, in fact, than visiting another boat at the dock.

It makes for fast friends.


Verena said...

Dinner at anchor is special indeed and more so when shared with wonderful, likeminded people! Made even better by being in the San Juans! Sometimes we miss the PNW... just not the weather :-)
Sending you sunshine from Mexico,
Verena & Mike

Robert Salnick said...

Thank you Verena -

The sunshine is appreciated!


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