Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No procrastination

Have you ever used the saying, "Once in a Blue Moon?" 

Tho they have nothing to do with "the blues", musically or otherwise, and they are not actually blue, Blue Moons are pretty rare.

A Blue Moon is the second full moon that occurs in a month.  Given the 28-day lunar cycle and the roughly 30-day average month, indeed it is an unusual occurance.  It pretty much requires one of the 31-day months (like this month), and the perfect timing of a full moon on the first day or two of the month (like this month...)

And why yes indeed, as you've probably guessed, we will have a Blue Moon this month!

The next one will not happen until 2015.  So all those things you were putting off until a Blue Moon?  Well this is your month...

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