Saturday, August 18, 2012

Funkiness in Friday Harbor

Are you mourning the loss of the Front Street Ale House in Friday Harbor?

Sadly, I cannot report that another brewpub has opened.  But if you are looking for some of the best BBQ you can find this side of Alabama, you only need to walk up the street a half a block.  There you will see this sign...  You will want to follow the arrow to the BBQ Shack.

The first thing I noticed in the place was the unusual ceiling fan.  Be sure to look up when you come in.

Now, when at a BBQ joint we always do the pulled pork, and you should too.  But here it was offered with an unusual side: smoked macaroni & cheese.  It turns out that this is a wonderful, rich combination!  Aside from the BBQ sauce that was a part of the pulled pork, the table was graced with a bucket full of unusual BBQ sauces that you could use to augment.  My favorite was the Gold Rush, and Jane's was the blackberry-based one. 

And tho this is not a brewpub, I can heartily recommend the beer selection.  We chose "The Gubna", an imperial IPA - really imperial (10.5%).  It was so rich and thick you could cut it with a knife - and that is a good thing.  It was the perfect companion to the BBQ.

You should stop in.  And when you do, please say "Hi!" to Kurt for us - he runs a great place!



Robert Sutton said...

I was not aware the Front St Ale House was no longer. Huge bummer. A stop in FH always included the ale house.

Sandy Buckley said...

Yes, the Shack is really good but there is a replacement to Front Street Ale House right in the same location> Cask & Schooner- and it is fantabulous too!

Stuart said...

The Cask and Schooner IS a great place as well, agreed. The right mix of pub food and chef's art.

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