Tuesday, September 15, 2009

57 Degrees

On Sunday, during our brief Seattle Indian Summer heat wave, I dove on the prop again. At this time of year, the water is considerably warmer than it was last spring when last I did this deed... 57 degrees, in fact.

Nevertheless, I still suited up in my wetsuit, making me look like some kind of fat seal. And we used the teapot full of warm water dumped down my back trick again this time. Boy, this really, really works!

The timing for this was an attempt to get the zinc changes to fall at a time when the water is warmer. I am hoping that this one will last until May. The old zinc was about half gone, which is about right for 6 months - a little much for the 4.5 months that it has been since I installed it. Also, there were some places on the zinc where the erosion was much deeper than others - perhaps there were composition variations in the casting?

At one point, when I was working hard scraping barnacles off the prop, I realized that the cool water felt good.

Cool water ??!?

1 comment:

scott carle said...

I used to work comercialy as a diver and in cooler water when still using wet suits we would cary a thermous of hot water to put in our suits.. It does work great.. even better though is a dry suit!! :)

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