Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Abyss?

A recent post by friend Livia reminded me of an incident that happened not too long after we moved Eolian to Shilshole.

It was winter, and quite chilly.  And it was dark (but I repeat myself).  Jane and I were walking the docks, enjoying the ambiance, when we noticed that there was a large patch of water between the docks, perhaps 100 feet across, that was gently glowing blue.

It was almost as if there was a light source under water, filtering up.  Several other folks had noticed it too, and we all stood there, watching it, talking quietly as if to avoid disturbing it.  But after a while, we all wandered away.  After all, it really wasn't doing anything...  it was just sitting there softly glowing, pulsing a little, slowly.

The next day that patch of water was completely unremarkable, and we haven't seen the effect again.

Now I'm not saying it was Cherenkov radiation from a nuclear-powered alien spaceship, but it did kinda look like it...

1 comment:

SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

Trained dolphins, I'm sure of it.

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