Friday, January 14, 2011

Meta blog

Blogging is an interesting task.

I know that some people are able to sit down at the keyboard, do a stream-of-consciousness dump, and get something that is not only coherent but funny too.

I can't do that.

If I have a subject in hand, my biggest problem is to hold the post to a reasonable  size (and to hold the number of parenthetical phrases to a minimum).  Ah, but the subjects.  They are the *gold* for me, and I am not all that good at inventing them.  And I am not comfortable unless I have a long list of potential post subjects "in the bank".

In point of fact, blogging here on Eolian is a team task.  An example:  A couple of nights ago - it was one of those cold, rainy Seattle nights which cries for comfort food - we were sitting on an old leather couch at the Hales brewpub in Ballard drinking a pint and eating meat loaf sandwiches.  And I mentioned that my post subject bank was running very low.  Jane immediately spun off 20 new topics!

Including this one.

1 comment:

SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

You'll have to start giving Jane a byline ;)

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