Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An object lesson for all of us

We had some excitement here in the marina on Sunday.

A fire erupted on this boat over on the brokers' section of I-Dock.  The response by the Seattle Fire Department was impressive - perhaps 5 vehicles came, sirens blaring, and the Fire Boat got here from around West Point from downtown Seattle almost as quickly.  There was some complaint from folks on shore with this level of response - but they can be excused for that reaction - they don't understand how quickly a single boat fire can become a flaming inferno the entire length of the dock.  Boats are made of very flammable materials and are further concentrated pockets of energy, given their fuel tanks, propane tanks and batteries.

In this example, this boat on the brokers' dock was immediately backed up by a gas-powered power boat, stern-to-stern.  If the sailboat had become fully engulfed, the power boat would have gone up in flames, probably followed by an explosion very shortly thereafter.  I applaud the response by Seattle Fire.

Apparently the fire started in the shore power wiring.  I've blogged about this recently - the shore power circuitry on all of our boats is critical and needs to be it tip-top shape.  When did you last inspect yours?

The sale price for this boat will probably need to be revised


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