Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One of those evenings

In a summer when there has been significant whining (I admit: some of it mine) about the cold, and where there has been the open collection of weird statistics, like how many minutes this year the temperature has been above 80° (78, but who's counting), this evening is a wonderful, rare jewel.

The temperature is 78°, there is just enough breeze so that it is enormously pleasant outside.  Our slip-mate has taken off somewhere, leaving us with the added bit of privacy that my guitar playing should have, truth be told.

I wish that all of you out there could be experiencing this, right now, with me.

And now, instead of typing on the computer down here below, I am going back out there to enjoy it.


M Nigh said...

Enjoy it why you can. IN Forecast- 99F 70% humidity. Excessive Heat Warnings. The lows are above your high with triple the humidity. Must be reunion year. Oh and lake water temp. is hovering in the mid 80's.

bob said...


Can't we just split the difference?

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