Friday, August 5, 2011

Listening to the bells

We are at anchor in Liberty Bay, off of Poulsbo, and I am hearing a sound that takes me back to my youth:  the Lutheran church is playing their bells at noon.  I believe that this custom goes back to the middle ages, when the church would be expected to be the only timekeeper in town.  At least it gives me pleasure to think about it that way, with the long thread of history attached.

Ghost makes a pass to say hi
on their way to the dock
Not very long after we got the anchor down and everything squared away here on Eolian, here came Ghost!  It turns out that they will be here for the weekend too, and unusual for them, they are tied up to the dock in town.  I'll be visiting later with my backpack guitar and a couple of beers, while Jane takes Zak and Ellie up into town to the candy store.

Yes, as you might have surmised, I have the computer operational again.  Well sort of.  It seems that the memory module I found was only 256 MB, making for very marginal, but barely acceptable operation.  I am still looking for a larger module (the one that died was 512 MB; a 1 GB module would be an unbelievable luxury).

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