Wednesday, September 14, 2011

South Sound: alone

Alone in Vega Bay

One of the interesting things about boating in the South Sound is the dearth of boats here.  Compared to north of the Narrows, there are very, very few.

After spending a non-moving day at anchor in Gig Harbor, we are now at anchor in Vega Bay, one of the southernmost anchorages in the South Sound. There is no internet here, and tho there are two boats at anchor in the bay, they are unoccupied.

Yesterday in Gig Harbor, we shopped around in town, and bought some art (direct from the artist - how could we resist?), and had lunch at the Tides Tavern. We also finally got the long-sought ice cream and hamburger buns, at a small store across the road from Anthony's at the back of the harbor. Finding this store was a bonus, since the big QFC over by the Tides has closed up shop.

These were necessary items for the happy hour/dinner visit by the Maranto sisters, Breanna and Courtney (Fujita nee Maranto), and Aaron (who never stopped moving the entire time!  What a busy, curious little guy!). It was a fabulous afternoon, and thankfully we were on the water - it was just plain hot on land.

This morning, we motored out of Gig Harbor and the overcast into sunshine. After the always exhilarating ride down the Narrows with the tide, we raised sail.  The forecast southerly turned out to have enough west in it that we were able to sail close-hauled all the way to Vega bay. We flew the mizzen, main and staysail, but did not unfurl the jib. This made the rig completely self tending, so that tacking involved only turning the wheel. Call us lazy, if you wish.

And now we are here in Vega Bay, alone.

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scty said...

I call it fabulous. See you guys soon. Miss you

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