Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tropical fruit of the Northwest

One of the ideal boat foods is the Northwest tropical fruit: squash.  There are so many different kinds - unfortunately the idea for this post came after we ate our personal-serving sized Sweet Dumpling squash for dinner tonite.  So I can't show you the beautiful fall tableau that they made in the above picture along with the candle and the Delicato squash.

If the only squash you have ever eaten is the standard dark green acorn, you are missing a whole world of flavorful treats.  We made a point, a year or two ago, to try as many different kinds as we could - it's amazing how many there are, and how different they are.

As a boat food, they are perfect.  They keep forever, and are easily cooked, either:
  • in the microwave
  • turned over in a shallow pan of water in the oven
  • or simply baked, dry
And served with a generous serving of melted butter inside - do not leave this part out in some kind of personal sacrifice to the god of Avoirdupois. 

So visit a farmer's market near you and get some.  But live on the wild side - skip the acorn variety and try something new, something exotic!

You won't be disappointed.

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