Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Poulsbo - who knew?

On 12/5 Jane and I attended the Winter BrewFest held over at Hales Palladium, in nearby Fremont.

What a wonderful event!  A total of 34 Northwest microbrewers were represented there, each with several unique brews, many made just for this event.  Your entrance fee got you 6 (I think?  I could possibly have lost track...) tokens, each was good for 5 oz of someone's special brew...  and that was plenty - trust me on this.  Here's a sampling of what was available:
  • Schooner Exact's Bourban barrel aged porter
  • Two Beers' Jive Espresso stout, infused with coconut shreds, cacao nibs, cinnamon and star anise
  • 7 Seas Brewing's Wheelchair Barlywine (you'll need the wheelchair, it's 10.6% alcohol)
  • Wingman Brewers' Cerise Noire lambic - brewed with black cherry tea and fermented with cherries
  • Slippery Pig's Emasculator - a dark and malty dopplebock brewed with local blackberries - 10% alcohol
  • Valholl's Stouty Stouterson - an Imperial Stout brewed with sweet potatoes, rasins and cinnamon.
So how does all this tie in with sailing?  Well, it turns out that one of our prime discoveries of the afternoon was that the final two brewers listed above are within walking distance of the dinghy dock at Poulsbo!  Who knew that Poulsbo was a craft-brewing hotspot?

Can you guess what we'll be doing next summer when we are anchored in Liberty Bay?

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