Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Murphy was a Liveaboard

It never fails, does it?

In the middle of the biggest storm of the year, your water tanks run low.  So you have to go out and face 20+ kt out of the North, filled with stinging blowing snow (it doesn't show in the picture, does it?). 

You have to hook up the very stiff hose to the dock hose bib. 

You have to de-ice the hose - its full of ice, but not quite frozen solid (thank heavens!).  For a while, it blows chunks like a little ice cannon.

And then finally you have to fill your tanks.

Your gloves are soaking wet.  The wind chill on your hands is unbelievable.

And you know what?  Even in this, it is still worth it.

I love living on a boat!



Drew Frye said...

We haul water in jerry cans, since the dock water is turned off in November. We flush with antifreeze in the cold months if the heat will be off.

Hard freezes, dude.

thom permenter said...

I just toss the hose in the water with it turned on for a few minutes.

bob said...

Drew -

Are there many liveaboards at your marina? Do they haul all their water in jerry cans too?

Thom -

Good idea! Although our 44 degree water (I just checked) would take a while to thaw it...

Anonymous said...

I also liveaboard, and simply listen to the weather, and fill my tanks prior to the storm. just sayin, no dramais good drama

bob said...

Anon -

Good advice. If only I had done that...

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