Monday, April 9, 2012

Project ST5000: Cockpit lash-up

I have the ST5000+ now running in the cockpit!  There it is, in front of the old Benmar controller it is going to replace.

By setting it up in the cockpit, I have discovered that I do not have the center of travel between the limit switches anywhere near where the wheel is amidships...  With the wheel centered, it is a turn and a half going in one direction till the limit switch stops the motion, but only a half a turn in the other direction.

I've got to figure out how to recenter things.  Well, I guess that is a full-blown philosophical question...

Got it.  Here's what I did:
  • Run the autopilot until the limit switch tripped on the side with only 1/2 turn away from center.  Turn off the autopilot.
  • Go down below and loosen the drive unit until I could move it far enough to disengage the chain
  • Back in the cockpit, turn the wheel another 1/2 turn
  • Re-position the drive unit and engage the chain.  Tighten in place.

But I'm still working on centering myself.



Anonymous said...

I am pretty impressed that you have gotten this far, and it is working! Good job and keep up the posts which are very informative and useful.



bob said...

Simon -

I must believe that it is going to work out... I've pulled all vestiges of the old Benmar autopilot out (except the drive unit of course).

Know anybody who would want a Benmar controller (I have 2), a Benmar compass unit (I have 3), or a Benmar remote (I have 2)?


Dustin and Rochelle said...

Hi Simon and Bob,
My wife and are fixing an old boat to liveaboard hopefully this fall. I am interested in Benmars if you still have them. Thanks
*dustin*dot*hines*at*g mail* dot* com

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