Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poulsbo redux

When last I wrote about last weekend's visit to Poulsbo, the visit wasn't over yet.  There are a few things I still want to inflict on share with you from this great weekend.

First, on Friday evening, a rain shower approached from the Southwest.  Apparently all the rain was virga (evaporates before it gets to the ground) because we never felt any.  But as it fell between us and the sunset it made a spectacular show!

Marco Andretti at 220+ mph
Next, since both Jane and I have roots in Indiana, the Memorial Day Indy 500 classic (the largest sporting event on earth - they seat more than 400,000 people at the Indy 500 Speedway) is a must.  Our anchorage in Poulsbo gave us spotty but adequate TV reception, but we used AM 1380 for the sound.  It was a good race - better than many of the more recent year's when it had essentially become a one-design race.  This year both Chevrolet and Lotus were present which added another dimension.  Both Jane and I (and a large proportion of the crowd) were rooting for Tony Kanaan, but it was Dario Franchitti who won.

Finally, during the last 5 laps of this 200 lap (the track is a 2.5 mile oval - there is a golf course in the infield) race, during a yellow flag and in a hold-your-breath moment, we heard knocking on the hull.  It was Trevor, ex of s/v Lea Fortis, A Force 50 that used to be docked across from us here on G-dock!  Trevor was ferrying his two young daughters (! no offspring when they left G-Dock) around Liberty Bay, recognized Eolian, and stopped for a visit.  Sorry Trevor!  We want to run into you again under better circumstances, and I promise you a beer or three next time!  Really!

But this brings up a wonderful fact about the cruising life...  People may come and go on the dock, but they are not really gone when they leave.  There is an excellent chance that you will connect with them again.  When they leave the dock, they are not gone forever.  Instead, they are extending the geography of your friendship circle.  It's a Good Thing©.


courtney said...

I thought that was your ketch way over there! I couldn't read the name of your boat from where I was anchored, but based on the photo, now I see that was indeed the SV Eloian. Lots of people were here that weekend! Glad you had a fun time watching the race.

bob said...

Courtney -

...and was that s/v Libby waaay over there by that cold-molded boat with the varnished hull?

Sorry, but with no outboard, that was a bit farther than I was willing to row...

(waiting for a suitable outboard to appear on craigslist)


Lea Scotia said...

Great to see you guys - familiar faces on a familiar boat! Glad to have made the stop; we'll be doing lots of local cruising this summer aboard Lea Scotia - will certainly keep an eye out for you!

Courtney said...

I tell people, when they ask which boat I'm in, "the little one." I was indeed on the other side of that funky looking boat with the varnished hull. And hey, no worries about not wanting to row. I rowed out to my boat once. And never again. It's all about the power, baby.

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