Monday, July 2, 2012

Got licorice?

When we are anchored in Liberty Bay, one of the places we visit in Poulsbo is the Marina Market.  In fact our visits are more in the nature of pilgrimages.  You see, I am one of those weird people who actually seek out the black jelly beans - I love licorice...  I confess, I am a licoricista.

And the Marina Mart is kind of like a Mecca for me  - because they actually have a Licorice Shrine.  No, really!

The Shrine

Hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of licorice.  (Jane is reminding me about chocolate.  OK, if you are one of those strange chocolate people, they do that too.)

The biggest problem I face when I visit the Marina Mart is that I can't buy one of everything.  And sadly, our visits seem to be far enough apart (and I am old enough) that I cannot remember what I sampled at the last visit.  Or what I thought of it.  But like the movie "Groundhog Day", that means every visit is a new and wonderful experience!

Andrea is the owner - she is the one behind all this.  And I for one thank her.

(Oh by the way, if you are in Poulsbo for the fireworks celebrating the birth of our Nation on July 3 - yes they do it a day early in Poulsbo - be sure to stop in.  And say that Bob & Jane sent you.)


Lotte said...

Being a Dane, I'm born a licorista - and I'm thrilled whenever I meet a foreigner who shares my taste in sweets. This place in Poulsbo seems rather fantastic!

bob said...

Hi Lotte -

But I have never been able to enjoy the salt (salmiak?) licorice that is apparently so popular in Scandinavia...


Anonymous said...

We moved away from Poulsbo in 1998, and I don't remember the marina market. Must be new since our time.

But I see that the Poulsbohemian Coffeehouse is still there - that was our favorite coffee shop - and about 4 blocks from our house when we lived there. I heartily recommend it.


bob said...

Thanks for the info Rick - next time we are over there, we'll give it a try!


Anonymous said...

Take a left on Front Street and go 3-4 blocks up the hill.

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