Friday, October 26, 2012

Heat pump installation: final step

No job is done until the documentation is done, right? The final step in the project, long overdue: a proper label on the power panel for the heat pump...

It doesn't quite match the style of the Marinetics labels, but Marinetics didn't have one with the right legend, and in any case I think they may now be out of business.  It is a whole lot more professional-looking than the Dymo label I had temporarily applied.

By the way, did you know that you can buy Blue Sea labels individually?  For $1?  And that you can even get custom labels made?  Check it out here.


1 comment:

Viking Star said...

Wow, Thanks for the link! This is great, and even custom ones to boot!

But will miss the conversation with the Wife "No, the Hot Water Heater is the one labeled Stove. No, the one labeled Hot Water Heater runs the washer / dryer. No, the 1st one down is the Block Heater. Oh, Never-mind'.

After 10 years or so, and ALMOST using masking tape, this will be a great Christmas Gift to each other!

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