Saturday, January 19, 2013

Strange Days

For the last three days, Seattle has been experiencing some very strange weather. We are living under the strongest inversion I have ever seen.

Here at sea level, we are immersed in a puddle of cold air whose temperature is right at freezing. More, there is a naggingly persistent heavy fog, which is freezing on the roads to black ice. Just plain nasty.

Yet just climb up a little and the sun is out, and it is warm! The high temperatures yesterday in the Olympic range were in the 50's, with one reading of 64°! In fact the puddle of cold air is so shallow that you can take an elevator to get above it!

For the full low-down on this, I'll refer you to our famous local weather blogger, Cliff Mass. He has made several posts about this phenomenon.


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Anonymous said...

It has been the same here in Tacoma. The bay is covered with a low hanging fog that clears off about lunch time. It has made for a rater slow start to the day with a dash toward the sun set. Nice afternoons and plenty of energy to finish up a few chores. It is rather beautiful in the harbor as we can see both above and below the layer of white.

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