Saturday, February 2, 2013

Under the weather

The phrase "Under the weather" has been variously attributed to the nautical condition of being too ill to serve on deck, and being sent down below the weather deck. There are other proposed etymologies, but we will disdainfully ignore them since this is a nautical blog.

I am, at the moment, under the weather.

I will appreciate those of you dear readers that stand by me as I work thru this. And the rest of you who abandon me in my time of need? Well, you can go hang.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Bob. Hope you feel better soon.


Deb said...

Lot of it going around. Hope you feel better soon.

S/V Kintala

Robert Salnick said...

Thanks folks

Petr and Jana said...

Stay strong, man. It's good to remind yourself why there are bad times (in cruising and life):
That should cheer you up ;)

Robert Salnick said...

Pete/Jana -
Thanks for thinking of me.

That was some deep reading, and I find that I agree with almost all of it.

But thankfully, we live in a climate where sailing and cruising is born anew every spring. And while we know that we will not be long-ranging blue water sailors (we like sleeping at anchor way too much for that), we have found the balance that works for us.

And thankfully, what has me under the weather is a virus. If I am depressed it is because the virus keeps me from doing things, working on things.

It will pass.


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