Monday, May 27, 2013


Eolian has spent the last 3 days anchored here in Eagle Harbor.  It has been a wonderful, relaxing time, capped with being able to watch the Indy 500 yesterday morning (congratulations TK!) - it's because Eagle Harbor has a clear view of Seattle - and their TV antennae - that we chose to spend this particular weekend here.

But last nite, at sunset we were treated to something very special.  As the sun dropped low enough in the sky to shine underneath the rain clouds that had blanketed us all day, the lighting turned magical.  The contrast between the white boats lit up with the bright golden light and the ominous dark rain clouds was gorgeous.  I hope this photo gives some impression of the experience:

And of course, whenever you have sunshine and rain, there is a rainbow...



Deb said...

Amazing photos.

S/V Kintala

Robert Salnick said...

Thanks Deb - it was a magical evening. Tho sometimes characterized as "dreary", our spring rains can produce some absolutely spectacular moments.


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