Thursday, October 3, 2013

Workshop again

With the additional time that retirement brings, I am tackling some things that had been too low on the priority stack for too long. 
First project: freshen up the finish in the galley. This area gets probably the heaviest usage of any on the boat. That, coupled with grease mist from cooking these last 15 years has made refinishing here a priority. 

I am using Interlux Goldspar Satin for this. And once again, I find that the $40/qt varnish is worth every single penny. It goes on easily and self-levels to a gorgeous smooth satin finish.  I can't recommend it highly enough. 
And of course, with the workshop occupying the saloon table and the galley disabled for all intents and purposes, we've had a spate of eating out.  Well, except for last nite - last nite was our 42nd wedding anniversary, and we stayed in for that (yeah, that is an empty wine bottle - some of the good stuff).


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