Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rockin' and rollin'

Eolian is a rockin' and rollin' in her slip... There's a major wind storm blowing thru Shilshole right now,  and a lot of last nite.  Sleeping was not something we did much of...  Kath would say that it's blowin' a hoolie...

For an updated view of what's happening, look over there on the right for "Current winds at Shilshole".

11:32 Update:  
The wind has not let up, and the heavy rain continues.  The rain is coming down so hard that it is not just melding with the surface of the ocean, the rain drops are sitting on top of the water!   (They're the white dots in the image below.)

Finally, for those of you on shore or elsewhere, here's a short video of Eolian's anemometer in the cockpit to bring this experience to you. That loud noise in the background is the rain hammering on the cockpit canvas...


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