Monday, March 10, 2014

The green gloom

Algae bane
You haven't noticed it all winter, but now you see it everywhere on the exterior surfaces of your boat:  the advance of the mildew and algae. And dirt.  And even lichen.  Your forlorn hope is for a warm winter day when you can strike back with hose, and deck brush, and SoftScrub.

But when it is warm (relatively speaking - if temperatures in the 50's qualify as warm) it is raining.  And really, who wants to stand out in the rain and scrub their deck?  Saturday, some parts of Seattle got 4" of rain.  If only that had been the warm, tropical sort - the sort that entices those living in the tropics to go out on deck for a fresh water shower.   Ah, but what do those folks know?  They actually swim in the ocean, if you can believe it.  Here in Seattle we stay safely and smugly aboard.

This morning it is 47°, and threatening rain.  Huh.  Who would have guessed?



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