Monday, June 23, 2014


So here I am, aboard Eolian.   Its been 2 weeks since we docked here and nearly all of that time has been spent at our cabin, away from the boat - I think this may be the longest contiguous stretch of time we have spent there, ever.

When I came aboard yesterday evening, it was like a homecoming after a vacation.  But different somehow.

Yes, everything down below was the same as we left it, and yet..
  • Tho we are still a port tie, the boat is now facing south instead of north - the light enters the cabin at a different slant.  Places that were dark are now light, and places that were light are how in shadows.
  • The view out the windows has changed.
  • It is quiet!  No more trains.  No more Kenmore Air planes droning overhead.  No more 737s, 747s, 787s roaring by above.
  • I know no one on the dock.
I suppose that after a year or three this will all seem normal, and the differences will recede into the background.  But for now, I feel vaguely dislocated. 

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