Monday, October 20, 2014

Time Passes

In 1980 when our kids were just toddlers, I took a picture of this intriguing tree in Washington Park in Anacortes.  It was the occasion of our second trip to the San Juan Islands, and our very first ever boat charter (a Newport 28).


We had occasion to be at Washington Park again this fall, and I was surprised to see that the tree was still there.  But sadly, the intervening 34 years have not been kind to it - tho still in place, it is sagging downward, and it has died.


One other thing is apparent in these two pictures...  the technology of photography has changed dramatically over those years.  The first picture was taken as a 35 mm Kodachrome slide.  The second was a snapshot taken on my iPhone.  Clearly 35 mm format slide film with a 250 mm zoom lens beats the pants off of an iPhone, digitally zoomed out to the max.  Nevertheless, I'll probably never go back to toting around a big heavy camera bag full of expensive lenses.  The convenience of having the camera in my pocket wherever I go is for me an overwhelming advantage.


dbostrom said...

Would love to know the state of the tide when those photos were taken. Any remembrance of that?

Robert Salnick said...

No, sorry. I have no memory of the state of the tide back in 1980. We were pretty much exclusively fresh water sailors, and thus only vaguely aware of this thing called "tide".

In 2014, we were at Washington Park at about mid-tide.


dbostrom said...

Thank you, Bob.

Heidi Berrysmith said...

Hey Bob, Tis true of so many things, the state of the tree and technology.
BTW, I read 'The Curve of Time' after reading your blogpost. I'm sure mariners such as you & Jane get more out of it but it was interesting nonetheless. Thank you for sharing interesting tips!! I enjoy them.

Robert Salnick said...

Glad you enjoyed Curve of Time Heidi. And as you say, having been in some of those places adds to the experience.

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