Friday, August 14, 2015


All four of my regular readers have probably been wondering why there haven't been any updates here for a while.  There is more than one answer...

First, for a part of the time we were out in the San Juan Islands, and if you know the area, you know that there are a lot of places out there where there is no cell phone and no internet reception.  From the point of view of blogging, this was bad.  But for the soul, the interruption in the constant "right-now-ness" of the internet is a good thing.

Next, we went back east to Indiana for a family reunion.  It was a wonderful time where we got reacquainted with relatives from near and far, and spent time with Jane's 101 year old mother.

And finally, there was Dude Tour V, where a bunch of guys take their classic (mostly) cars on a 600-mile drive thru the twisties in the mountains:

Looks James Bond-esq, doesn't it?

This year, there were a total of 14 cars, most of them classics, including my 1968 GTO.

My car is the red GTO, second from the left in the back row

This is a part of almost every Dude Tour
So, now that things are a little more back to normal, I hope that this blog will return to more-or-less normal too.

See you soon...


Heidi Berrysmith said...

The Dude Tour sounds fun! Where was that pictured twistie?

Robert Salnick said...

Hi Heidi!
That was somewhere in the Klikitat river gorge, west of Goldendale.

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