Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's Spring In The Skagit Valley

When traveling between our log home on Camano Island and Anacortes, we pass thru the Skagit Valley. Why would I be talking to you about our commute route?

Well, because this:

What better way to shed the winter blahs than to gaze upon 100 acres of daffodils? OK, I'm not a farmer, so my estimate of the field size is "unofficial", but it is huge.  And it is one of many, all filled with a riot of daffodils, and they're all screaming, "WaHOO! It's SPRING!"

And then, just when the daffs are about spent, and the fields begin to take on a bronze hue, it's time for the tulips!

Again, I'm no farmer, and it changes from year to year, but I think there must be more than twice as much acreage devoted to tulips as there is to daffs.

Because there are more of them, and because they come in so many different colors, the fields full of tulips are stunning.  And the farmers seemingly plant them so that adjacent colors spark off of each other.

Like for any crop, good farming practice demands crop rotation.  And this year, the fields next to the road our route takes us on are being devoted to other things, so all the tulip fields are pretty far in the distance, making for crummy pictures.  And for copyright reasons, I won't snag some of the gorgeous pictures out there...  but I will make it easy for you to see them:  Just click here.

If you are in the area, things are at their peak right now.  Avoid the crowds and drive up here Thursday or Friday...

Skagit valley comes to Eolian


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