Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Coil A Hose

Now what?

Previously I talked about how to coil a line, using a figure-8 pattern in order to avoid imparting twist...  twist that would cause problems when the line is taken off the coil.

Well, that same problem also exists with stiffer things, like hoses.  Except that (sticking with hose) a figure-8 coiling pattern really doesn't work very well.  

In a couple of pictures, here's how to coil a hose without adding twist:

Put the first turn of the hose on the bracket in the usual way.  This puts a half-twist into the hose.

But for the second turn, instead put a REVERSE twist into it, making the free end come out UNDER the turn instead of over it, cancelling out the twist imparted by the previous turn.  The first time you do this it will feel awkward.  But after the tenth time, it will feel completely natural.

Just alternate regular turns and reverse turns for the rest of the length of the hose.

You'll end up with a neat coil, and more importantly, one that has no twist in it so that when you pay it off of the bracket, you won't have kinks appearing.

This works just as well for other things too, like a heavy extension cord, for example.  But here is a caution: when both ends are free, it is all too easy to withdraw an end from the the wrong side of the coil when unwinding it.  If you do this, instead of a twist-free line, you'll get a whole series of overhand knots.  Of course, with a hose that stays attached to the hose bib, it is difficult (but not impossible...) to make this happen.



Rick said...

This is the way I do it too. Works for every kind of cable or hose - learned how from picking up microphone and guitar cables.

LittleCunningPlan.com said...

I feel like my dock neighbor should read this. Works for us at home, probably would work for him at the dock.

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