Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hardly working

Sheila aboard Tropic Star snapped this picture one summer day. We carry the dinghy on davits at the stern, but when the weather is nice, and we don't have anything we have to do, we like to put it down and just spend some lazy time in it. See, if you position yourself athwartships, the tubes are just the right distance apart so that you can put your feet up on one side, and lean back comfortably on the other. Complete the picture, if you will, with a cold adult beverage or two, a paperback book, and share it with your life's companion. Every now and then, you have to unship the oars and row away from the dock as you drift about. Others are out, working on their boats, and you might have a leisurely conversation with them as you drift by (thus the title which Sheila applied to this picture). It's a great way to spend an afternoon.


Adam said...

Rough, real rough.

Bob and Jane Salnick said...

Well there is the occasional rowing, and sometimes you run out of adult beverages.

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