Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend Report: 3/8 - Bowsprit Fabrication

Finishing continues. To be certain that rot cannot start from any of the 19 holes drilled thru the bowsprit, I pushed corks into one end of each hole and filled the holes with end cut solution thru the other end. I kept refilling the holes as the solution migrated into the wood, eventually using up about a quart in this fashion.

While this was going on, I continued to periodically bathe the rest of the bowsprit in the end cut solution. It has so much copper in it now that it is as black as a railroad tie.

BTW - a word of caution to those who might want to do this - the end cut solution is pretty nasty stuff. If you get a drop on your hands, you will soon taste metal. Wear nitrile rubber gloves. Really.

Next week, I will start with the epoxy and microballoons, to smooth the surface in final preparation for paint.

1 comment:

Adam said...

I had been living only on Mac and Cheese by that point, so I was mighty hungry indeed!

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