Monday, April 6, 2009

Remote mind control

The trip to the Portland swap meet was unsuccessful as far as buying a car goes (but it was a roaring success in terms of a good time). So as a consolation prize to myself, I bought a hat (yeah, I know that's not completely logical).

This is it - it has built-in hair, something that the area it covers is in some need of, or at least so they tell me. But it seems to match the salt/pepper look pretty well.

So well in fact that...

We were in the Deschutes Brew Pub (it is kind of dark in there), and the cute, 20-something waitress comes up and says, "Hey, I like your hair! How did you do that?" and reaches up to touch it. Then I lifted the hat and the hair came with it... A shriek, and then a good laugh went all around the table.

Then she went back to the bar to tell her buddies, and a member of our group rejoined the table. As we rehashed what had just happened for him, she was doing the same with her buddies. At the right place in my story, I lifted the hat again... and it turned out to be just the right place in her story too, kind of like remote mind control for her.

It was fun evening, ending at the Tugboat pub - an obscure but delightful place, and the perfect end to a great day.

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