Friday, June 26, 2009

We're off! Port Ludlow

Indeed, we did it. We pulled out of the slip at 07:30 and waved goodbye to Scott and Fred, who happened to be out and about. We were SO happy to be powering down the waterway and out of the marina!

As we got out on the Sound, the marina shrank astern, and Seattle became insignificant. It may seem surprising, but North of Westpoint, Seattle just kind of fades, and the hillsides look pretty unoccupied, at least if you (or the camera) squint. As forecast, the wind was light, and directly from ahead. So we powered. But by the time we got up past Kingston, the wind had built and clocked around far enough for us to profit from having the sails up, so we raised the main and mizzen while powering.

The new GPS I just installed is fun! But you don't want to necessarily follow the course it shows without thinking about it a little.

We pulled into Port Ludlow and dropped the anchor at 12:00. I had to send off a fax, and Jane wanted to do some walking, so we put the dinghy down and went to the marina office and the beach. I faxed, Jane walked. Then we took a harbor tour, and went back behind the Twin Islands - at one point Eolian was nicely framed by the islands.

Tomorrow, the tide turns at 08:30 or so, so we will be up and out of here, heading North again for the long slog across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to (probably) Lopez Sound.

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