Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to start the week. Not.

Monday morning, at 05:15. It is dark.

I am up, but barely conscious.

I need to make lattes. (I have an alarm. Jane has an espresso machine, and me.)

Darn - the sugar container is nearly empty. Open the pantry cabinet, and take all the stuff off of the large sugar container, including a bag of rice. Pull out the container...

Splat! There was another bag of rice in there, and it was open.

Aside: I love the use of the zip-locks on food packaging - it's a great addition. But for some products, it is hard to get the zip-lock to, well, lock. A single grain of rice in the zipper is the same as having a tooth missing from a regular zipper - the whole thing comes undone starting right there.

So, now there is rice everywhere. Everywhere! So on Monday morning, Jane gets up to the sound of the vacuum cleaner. And for the rest of the day, I seem to be missing those 15 minutes I spent chasing rice grains. I am late for everything, running 15 minutes behind. I would have had this posted yesterday, if I wasn't behind...

Monday mornings are not my favorite.

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