Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lighted Dinghy Parade

In a tradition started by Scott & Angela of Ghost, F and G docks got together for a lighted dinghy parade on Friday nite.  After a day of calm, dry, reasonably warm weather, we gathered off the stern of Reflections down at the head of G dock.  Unfortunately, then it started to rain, but it didn't dampen our spirits any!

So we formed into a train with Nat & Linda from Reflections at the head, and providing the motive power for the seven dinghies.  We were near the end of the train, so it was absolutely quiet back there - the only thing you could hear was the singing.  Oh, the singing.  What it lacked in pitch, cadence and harmony, it certainly made up in enthusiasm.

We had a good time snaking our way down the waterways from F/G all the way to A dock, and then back, caroling (more or less), and wishing a merry Christmas to one and all along the way.

Finally, Nat and Linda hosted us all for Christmas cheer and Nat's special hot buttered rum afterwards.  Yum!

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