Monday, November 1, 2010

Dock zombie attack!

Our little community out here on the dock (which now includes the remote neighborhood of F Dock too, since the marina renovation - I need to blog on that sometime) does Trick or Treat too.

Eolian's pumpkin(s): The Space Needle, with a Jumper

Boats carve pumpkins, some go pretty all-out on decorations, and then there are the pirates, zombies, etc. who go from boat to boat extorting candy.

The Extortion

Shown here are a Sniper, a Devil Princess,and a skier with a broken leg.  Not like on shore:  We had a total of 8 budding extortionists this year.

Adult zombies too!

Scott and Angela from Ghost hosted a party on the dock afterwards - They went all out, including setting up a lighted tarp shelter in case the weather turned wet. Amazingly, it was reasonably warm, dry, and calm.

(And this morning, now that it is all done, it is pouring rain.)


Deborah said...

Love the pumpkin! Very creative!

bob said...

Thank you!

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