Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's beginning to look...

I am guilty of committing a holiday faux pas. And I feel shame.

Last weekend, I was so excited to see our first-time ever Christmas lites on Eolian that I turned them on. Before December 1 (can you imagine?).

Lonely lights
It was a lonely set of lites that greeted you out there at the end of G Dock. But I thought they looked great!

But ah, now. Now the whole end of the dock is lit up in festive splendor! And tonite when I walked down the dock, I felt sorry for those folks who do not live aboard their boats, because they are missing something very special!

Lonely no more!

And down below on Eolian, things are festive too!

There is a wintery garland draped along the starboard side of the saloon,

a poinsetta and Christmas candle grace the saloon table,

stars float above us,

and we have our very own miniature Christmas tree!

This may all look a little minimalist, but don't forget the lite show outside...



The Ames Family said...

It's only a faux pa if you turn them on before Thanksgiving. I say, bring on the Christmas lights!! :)

SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

Looks great. Our family usually put up the Christmas tree together the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Angela said...

I agree that we are so very lucky to experience this. I'm proud of our end of G-dock for being so festive. When I'm walking home from work in the evenings, I see the lights and all the stresses of the day go away.

Northern Pride said...

It looks beautiful, we're envious! Has inspired me to get some xmas decorations up in our home - sadly on land for now!

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