Friday, June 22, 2012

Rain? So what.

Liberty Bay in the rain
One of the things you learn in Seattle is that if you wait for "perfect" weather to do something, you could wait a very, very long time. Better to get prepared, both physically and mentally, and then proceed regardless of the weather.

Boating certainly fits this bill. If you are going to wait for warm, sunny days to use your boat, well it could sit unused in the slip a lot. It is better to admit that no, Seattle is not located in southern California, and that the big open cockpit, so perfect for entertaining in the warm sunshine, is not going to be pleasant in the rain.

No, in reflection of the climate, the Northwest boat will be adapted differently. First, it will have a fully enclosed cockpit - because who wants to stand or sit in the cold rain (55° here in Seattle, on the afternoon of June 22) while boating?

Next, you will have heat in the cabin and it will not depend on shore power, so that you can be comfortable and cozy at anchor.

Finally, you will have equipped yourself with suitable foul weather gear and a sunny disposition, so that you can comfortably go out on the water, and enjoy the experience.

So here we are, at anchor in Poulsbo.  And we are warm and cozy down below.  We had a spectacular sail going across Puget Sound yesterday, spent a wonderful quiet nite in Manzanita Bay last nite, and we are looking forward to one of Tizley's famous breakfast Bloody Marys tomorrow.

Rain?  So what.


steve said...

I agree totally. We have a diesel heater in the cabin and diesel forced air thoughout our boat and rain and dreary can make for some cheery interactions.

Anonymous said...

Our cabin heat is one of those large trawler lamps. Their large circular wick puts out an amazing amount of heat. I had to work out a way to mount it on our bulkhead, as we don't have space for it in the overhead. It does quite well at warming up the cabin - well enough for our cool weather sails, anyway. True winter living aboard would require a real heating system.

Here are a couple photos of the lamp.

Robert Salnick said...

Steve -

We have the diesel heat - a Dickenson - but its only in the main saloon, so sadly no forced air at anchor. It means we can do shoulder seasons at anchor, but not winter.

On the dock, we have a heat pump which *is* forced air and gets us thru the winter nicely...


Robert Salnick said...

Middle Bay -
Say, that heat shield is a nifty project and would be great for Small Boat Projects - can I put it up there?


Anonymous said...


You are welcome to use it - and thanks for the honor. I'm flattered that you think it's worthy!

You might want to include this post as a prequel:


courtney said...

I thought that was you.

Robert Salnick said...

Courtney -

Yeah... And whenever we are in Liberty Bay, there is no dinghy tied to your boat - when we are awake anyway.


Courtney said...

Darn! I must be a real landlubber to be gone all the time. Oh well, we'll meet eventually.

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