Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Denver thoughts

On my way to Indianapolis, I am laid over here in Denver.

For me, airports are, well I guess the word is "interesting".

First, at an airport you are kind of in a state of limbo. So, I am in the Denver airport, but I am clearly not in Denver.  I am in "Denver", but not in Denver. I am nowhere.

Second, you share this suspended status with lots of other folks - the shared experience takes down some of the normally present barriers. So you might, for example, find yourself in a conversation with someone you don't know at all - a complete stranger.

Next, I find myself scanning faces - you never know who you might see... Someone you know who lives in Denver, or someone who is, like you, in suspension on the way to somewhere else.

Finally, when traveling alone (as I am today), I slip into a different kind of awareness. I move slightly outside myself. I know people who spend a lot of time in this state, and farther into it. Perhaps for them, it is so commonplace as to unremarkable. But for me it is enjoyably novel

Now please excuse me while I go back to scanning faces.


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