Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It was grey, with lowering clouds this morning when Jane and I walked down the ramp to G Dock.  But it was one of those rare times in this season when there was no wind and Puget Sound was calm.  There was some light mist in the air from those low clouds, adding depth to the view across the Sound.  The sandy hook at Point Monroe was visible - it was a picture in shades of grey.

And we both agreed that it would be absolutely wonderful to be resting at anchor in Port Madison this afternoon.  And then we were both silent as we walked the 1000 feet out to Eolian, absorbed in our imaginations.

It was a compelling vision.


Deb said...

Lovely photo!

S/V Kintala

Robert Salnick said...

Thanks! It's a beautiful spot, so it's easy to get a good picture. And we really, really miss it this time of year - it's just 6.25 miles away from our slip. But that's a long way in cold weather... (yeah, we're weak)


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