Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Headlights on your boat

What?  You don't have headlights on your boat?  No?  Why not?

White, bright
You should.  An LED headlight like this one is dirt cheap (I got it at the hardware store for a few bucks).  It serves to shine a lot of light on whatever you are working on - in the bilge, on the engine, or on deck.  When you turn your head, the light follows, since it is right there, on your head.  It's like you have a telepathic helper magically holding a flashlight, always just where you need it.

And this one ("Energizer", by brand) also has a red LED for illumination while preserving your night vision.  Now really, you never know when this might become it's most important function.

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M Nigh said...

I have that exact same light. I love it. My uses are project work in dimly lit locations and primarily when duck hunting(which is a total must have and where the red light is served). Due to several different hunting partners and wear and tear on mine I have come accross broad varieites and price ranges. Like gas station sunglasses I find the inexpensive serve the purpose, last nearly as long, and are much less painfull when dropped overboard. Definitely one of the best tools to have and with fairly low prices I stash them in many places for ease of use.

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