Friday, February 22, 2013

Where does a song come from?

For some people, the muse is like a friendly roommate, someone who is constantly in conversation with them, who knows them, how they think, what motivates them.  We call these people "musicians".

For me, the muse is more like a crazy uncle who blows into town rarely and unpredictably.  And when he does come it is often at an inconvenient moment - he drops his load and then is gone again - for a long time.

Last nite my muse came while I was asleep.  He gave me a vivid dream, so vivid in fact that it awakened me, of a song in D minor.  But this morning all I can remember is the chords and part of the chorus.  I got out my guitar and firmed it up, and then wrote down what I could remember. 

Maybe he'll stop by again tonite.


1 comment:

hootenannie said...

You're lucky you remembered any of it at all - I'm never so lucky to catch the kite-tails of my dream songs!

I like the image of the unpredictable relative blowing into town. However a song shows up, no matter how inconvenient, I'm grateful... because I'm not one of those "musicians" either. :)

Hope you can round the song out soon - and if you do, please share it with us.

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