Monday, May 20, 2013

Everyone has a story

Everyone has a story.  We all do.

But unlike those on shore, the stories of those of us living out here on G Dock lead to us living on a boat.  And that makes us definitely weird, at least by the standards of those living ashore.  So that means the stories that got us here all have an unusual twist, or a strange angle.

So aside from just having some common experiences with others living aboard (which are worth exploring in their own right), all of us have stories which are well above average when it comes to their interest level.

So it behooves you to grab a bottle of wine and go visit your neighbors down the dock.  Ask them how they got here, and listen.

I promise that you will not be bored.



Anonymous said...

Your title got me interested and now I have to ask, "Are you going to tell us your story?


Robert Salnick said...

Anon -

Well, I kind of did, over there on the right, in the *MY* favorite posts list...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I had not perused your site that much. That will give me some reading material.
I really enjoy your posts and what a beautiful boat.
Rob Morton

Robert Salnick said...

Why thank you for the kind words, Rob!


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