Thursday, July 11, 2013

End of an era

On October 1, 2013 I will be entering the third stage of life.

Stage one: Learning
Covers the period of life where you are acquiring knowledge and learning the skills that are required to make your way in our society.  Birth thru the end of schooling, whenever that is.
Stage two: Living
Covers the middle period of life where raising children and working to make that possible are the major foci of life.
Stage three: Leisure
Relaxing and enjoying the fruits of the first two stages. Retirement.

I announced my intention to retire at work this past Tuesday. And I have been pleasantly amazed by the number of folks who have called or stopped by to offer congratulations and best wishes.

The question they all universally asked: "What will you do?"

And then I remind them: I have a boat.


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