Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How many miles?

How many miles does it take?

  • There are no jackrabbit starts.
  • There are no sliding stops.
  • There are no high-speed corners, no limited slip differential to cause extra wear.
There is only placid, walking pace rolling.  So how many miles have these dock cart wheels traveled, up and down the docks, such that the rubber tires have been worn completely away, leaving the fiberglass wheels in contact with the dock?

How many years did it take to create this wear?  I suspect that this cart (and many others like it, also still in service) were new when Shilshole was a new marina, in 1962.

So let's assume that a cart makes 2 round trips down the dock every day.  G Dock is a little over 1000 feet long, but we'll make the calculation simpler by assuming that it is 1320 feet, a quarter mile.  Then those two round trips total one mile.  A mile per day, times 365 days per year, times 50 years equals 18,250 miles.



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