Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On the other side

It's funny how some events can strike a bright line in your life, dividing it into "before" and "after".

Our new heat pump arrived on Saturday, and Angela made it possible for us to pick it up at Dockside Solutions office on Sunday morning (thanks Angela!).  We managed to get it down the dock and onto the boat in between bouts of cold, pouring rain, tho as it turned out, protecting it from rain was probably not as necessary as I had anticipated, due to its superb packaging.

With the background of the electric space heaters' whine, and the fan we have to circulate the heated air the Dickenson produces, I worked most of Sunday to disassemble the unit, get it into place under the settee seating, and reassemble it in place.  I also made inventory of what would be required to permanently mount it and hook it up both electrically and plumbing-wise.

On Monday we made a foraging expedition to various marine stores in Seattle to get the miscellaneous fittings and parts required.  As usual, our trip would have been shorter if we had just gone to Fisheries Supply first.  And then I crawled under the settee once again and got to work.

By Monday afternoon, we had water running out of the boat once again, and blessed heat streaming into the saloon.  I shut down the Dickenson and the space heaters, and there was...  peace.  The heat pump is very quiet.  Very quiet.  The only thing you hear is the rush of air entering the saloon, and even that will be diminished when I complete hooking up the ductwork so that heat is delivered to the whole boat, not just the saloon.

This morning, having slept the whole nite under the aegis of the heat pump, I perceive yesterday afternoon, when I turned on the heat pump for the first time, as one of those bright line events.

And we are on the other side of it.


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