Monday, April 28, 2014

Suddenly last nite

Suddenly last nite (a lot of horror stories start that way)...

Suddenly last nite our aft head would not draw flush water.  Because it was late, we flushed using fresh water from the sink. 

The first thought I had this morning was that it was just that the little handle was not pushed all the way over, because that will do it. But no, still no go.

After coffee, I considered that since the head is old enough now, I thought that it might be time for a new valve assembly.  So I shut off the seacock that supplies the flush water and disassembled the head pump assembly.  Thankfully, all looked well in there. 

So now what?

Now to the seacock, which is located in a difficult place (aren't they all?).  I removed the hose and opened it and a very small trickle of water ran out.


Next I got a piece of stiff wire (coat hanger - the universal mechanic's tool) and probed the seacock itself.  Indeed, there was something in there...
The culprit

It took a while, and the little guy is some worse for the wear - being drug out of the seacock with a piece of wire does not do much for your good looks.  But here he is - looks like maybe a baby sculpin.  Guess he thought the head inlet would make a good hiding place.

Not so much.

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